about alora

we believe all bodies are beautiful

Rooted in inclusivity, Alora is a brand for women, by women. We prioritize comfort, deliver confidence and ensure you look as good as you feel. Our goal is to embolden women of all shapes and sizes through high-quality clothes & shapewear to live life to the fullest and celebrate their unique bodies.

Our pieces are thoughtfully crafted for your already-perfect body to provide on-demand-confidence, because at Alora, we don’t hide, we refine.

“Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin - that’s what really makes you beautiful.”
- Bobbi Brown

your body, your shape, your rules

In addition to keeping butts lifted, Alora also aims to shape a better world by setting new standards and providing inclusion, solutions and choice for every body type. We aim to
consistently innovate on what has been, and pioneer advancement in what is to come within our industry.

celebrating you.

We live by a simple premise: put customers first, and the rest will take care of itself - and we're extremely grateful for all of the customers we've had so far appreciating our mission and joining us on our journey.

Thank you!

~ alora